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Funny, warm, ambitious, creative, but feeling adrift in a world of missed opportunities. Mina works for an estate agency, doing boring work that doesn’t challenge her. It’s not exactly what she planned for herself, and she feels like she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.

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Lucy is Mina’s BFF and flatmate.  Lucy is still living in student party world and doesn’t want to grow up, because her parents are the most boring people alive, and that’s not her.


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John is Mina’s boyfriend. Solid, dependable but he’s no action hero.  John wants the quiet life and mistrusts social media. He’s good to Mina, but like Lucy says, if someone is dating you for 2 months and already complaining when you’re away for the weekend, they’re getting too clingy. Jack is an overeager, geeky medical student, living student life to the full after a terrible school experience with bullies. N­ow he’s out in the real world, or as real as student life can be, he’s learning that most people are accepting of him and like him for who he is. He has a massive crush on Lucy and hopes to ask her out soon.